Thursday, 11 August 2016

Watercolour Illustration of theTamashii Nations Custom Figure Boba Fett Ronin

Boba Fett Ronin

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Return of the Jedi MOC Kenner Biker Scout watercolour painting in two stages

Vintage Kenner ROTJ

Scout Biker Mint on Card watercolour illustration

Forrest Endor Moon badge / pin

The mighty GONK: Power Droid

French Meccano Power Droid and Jawa

Actual Star Wars Power Droid

Prototype of the Power Droid
Vintage Kenner Power Droid (on the right) and non production prototype toy (on the left)    

Power Droid card-back and toy illustration
My watercolour illustration of Vintage Kenner Power Droid and cardback

Behind the scenes photos and props from the original Star Wars Triliogy

Welcome to my blog dedicated to documenting in watercolour vintage Star Wars toys and retro gaming. 

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